Strength Through Adversity

Cleanse your body and soul, removing malice, selfishness and desire. When we experience a bump in the road, an obstacle in the way or even an unexpected right hook from life itself...what are we to do? We are take it and rub some dirt on it. You already know that life is filled with valleys and peaks that make up your life. Look how far you've got so far --

I didn't realize that physically removing myself from people that were unnecessary to my life and driving to a kalo patch up the mountain would take the blindfolds off my eyes. I didn't realize that every missed opportunity or crappy relationship actually led me to where I sit today. The constant beatings in life -- made me stronger every time. I sit and ease drop on peoples conversations and other times offer an ear to those who just need someone to listen. to them And I hear, triumph. I hear how they didn't realize it yet, but they got through it. They're getting through it. Sometimes overcoming something, is just the decision to continue breathing. To continue getting up and being strong for your siblings, child, family, friends...what have you.

Sometimes we need that one day a week to take a drive. Pick up an instrument. Cuddle with our dog. Take those moments or open your eyes to what little things make you happy. When you come to another bump in the road and realize --pshh what else? When you realize that you've gone through so much already and know you have the power and the strength to take on what's next, you're invincible. -- Take time to press the reset button. Only look back to see how far you've come. And keep going. Sometimes people crave a life without friction, but you need friction to make a fire -- and that's where you find your purpose, your passion, yourself. It's your fire.

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